Please Note: The deadline has been extended! Final deadline date for entries is Sunday, August 31, 2014, 5 p.m. Eastern


To make the entry process as simple as possible, please review and prepare your answers in a word-processing program such as Microsoft Word. Then come back to the online system here. Click the Login button above and create an account. Cut and paste your descriptions in the designated areas provided. This will ensure the accuracy of your answers. Winners will be featured in the January 2015 issue of World Trade 100. Awards will be presented at SMC3’s Jump Start Conference in January.

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The Alliance recognizes excellence in supply chain performance resulting from the close cooperation and collaboration of supply chain partners. Awarded in five distinct categories, The Alliance looks at more than the outcome of the supply chain partnerships, it also examines the dynamic partnerships that were formed to drive results. A panel of distinguished judges will examine the role of each of the partners and the contributions their individual and collective efforts have made to solving a supply chain problem or driving change and continuous improvement in a supply chain.

Submissions in each category will be evaluated on metrics and results and on the implementation of the processes and tools responsible for achieving top performance in the supply chain. They will also be examined for innovation and how the partnerships made best use of each alliance partner’s strengths.

Domestic Freight Single Mode
Alliance partners involved in domestic moves using a single primary mode of transportation, including motor carriage, air, rail, or waterway.
Domestic Freight Multimodal
Supply chain or supply chain segment involved in domestic fulfillment using multiple modes of transportation in combination.
International Freight
Extended supply chain operations including importing and/or exporting between at least two countries.
Owned, leased, or contract warehousing operations supporting one or more segments of a domestic or international supply chain.
Efforts to improve environmental impact, reduce waste, reduce emissions, etc. involving suppliers and members of the supply chain
  1. The Alliance award is open to shippers, carriers, 3PLs, technology companies, and service providers in the supply chain industry. All solutions submitted must be a current solution and Alliance.
  2. Entries must fall within one of the categories below:
    • Domestic Freight Single Mode
    • Domestic Freight Multimodal
    • International Freight
    • Warehousing
    • Sustainability
  3. Each entry must include a shipper and at least one and up to five supply chain partners. Supply chain partners include but are not limited to carriers, 3PLs, technology companies, service providers, customers, and vendors.
  4. All submissions must show measurable results.

Entrants can submit supplemental information to help explain the design, operation, and function of the supply chain. This information can include illustrations, charts, diagrams, and photos. Supplemental materials should be in PDF, .jpg or tif format, RGB color mode, and at least 300+ dpi resolution, suitable for publication. Try to keep individual images below 5 MB each.


Winners will be asked to produce a 2-3 minute summary video of their solution. The video will be used both by World Trade 100 and SMC3. Click here for video specifications and upload instructions.


The judging of entries will be performed by an independent panel of supply chain experts that have no affiliation with service providers. The criteria for judging will be innovation, implementation, use of alliance partners’ strengths, and metrics and results. Judging will be based on the supplied text descriptions, images, and any supplemental materials. Judges reserve the right to reassign an entry to a different category. All decisions made by the jury are final.


As sponsor of the competition, SCM3 and World Trade 100 magazine will feature the winners in the January 2015 issue, which includes print, online, iPad, digital version, conferences and other marketing vehicles. By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees to have their case study and supporting materials published exclusively by World Trade 100 and SCM3. In the case of PR firm submitting entries for their clients, the entrant affirms that any necessary client permissions were obtained before entering.


Entry forms and images and payment should be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, August 31, 2014.


Separate fee is required for each entry. $125 (US) for each entry submitted by August 31, 2014.


This year, we will only be accepting submissions and payments online. If you experience any technical difficulty with online submission or payment, please contact Perry Trunick at 424-634-2499 or


For questions regarding the competition and eligibility, please contact World Trade 100 Editor-in-Chief Perry Trunick at